Let's make one of the easiest dishes of typical Basque Cuisine, the famous Pil-Pil Cod. This version is made with less Olive Oil as usually is required so that is less caloric.

The Pil-Pil is made ​​from four basic ingredients: Cod, Olive Oil, Garlic, Chilli, and Parsley is optional. It is often cooked in a clay pot and served hot. 

The name "Pil-Pil", comes from the sound produced during the rotary motion that takes place on the pan while the sauce is emulsified oil with cod proteins.

INGREDIENTS for 1 person:

- 2 Fresh Cod Fillets.

- 1 Full Garlic chopped into slices.

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- 1/2 Teaspoon of Salt.

- 5 Little Chillies.

- Chopped Parsley.

STEP 1 - Get the Cod Fillets ready.
STEP 2 - Chop the Garlic into slices as shown in the picture.
STEP 3 -  Get the Chilli ready...
STEP 4 - ...and cut it into small pieces.
STEP 5 - Get a pan ready.
STEP 6 - Add enough Olive Oil to cover the Cod Fillets.
STEP 7 - Add the Garlic and the Chopped Chilli.
STEP 8 - Introduce the Cod Fillets and fry them for about 30 seconds only...
STEP 9 - ...after the 30 seconds set the Garlic and the Chilli apart so we will use them afterwards.
STEP 10 - Let the Cod Fillets to rest in the hot Oil for about 3 minutes.
STEP 11 - Then place them into a frying pan.
STEP 12 & 13 - Now let separate the Olive Oil from the Cod juices that has been released while frying the Cod. We will use these juices to make the Pil-Pil Sauce.
STEP 13 - The little bit of remaining Oil that you can see in the pan is the bit of Oil containing the Cod Juices, so keep this bit... 
STEP 14 - ...and add it onto the Cod Fillets in the frying pan.
STEP 15 - Set the hove to high heat, and add Salt and chopped Parsley to the Cod. Give a good toss.
STEP 16 & 17 - Add the fried Garlic and keep giving a good toss about 1 minute or so.
Serve the Pil-Pil Cod hot along with some Salad, boiled Potatoes, Rice or on its own.

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